The Pledge Premium Tote


Texas pride! When Texas was admitted to the Union, it got to bypass the normal process of being a territory and went straight into statehood. This came with the understanding that the Union would always respect Texas’ history as a sovereign nation, thus the reason why Texas can fly its state flag (and former national flag) at the same height as the American flag. (Source:

Teepee Premium Tote


A celebration of the Native American roots in TW’s own family line, and the rich Native American culture we observed whilst living in Oklahoma (our beloved second home state).

Proper Ansum Premium Tote


“Proper ‘Ansum” is a bit Cornish slang blended together to spotlight all that’s perfect about our lovely Cornwall, England. Proper: something done well. My ‘ansum: a term of endearment. Kernow: the Cornish language word for Cornwall.